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Moon & Me is Andrew Davenports latest creation in children's TV. Welcome to the stage the cast of Moon & Me, Pepi Nana, Mr Onion, Lambkin, Dibillo, Colly Wobble, Little Nana, Lily Plant and Moon Baby!

The children's TV show, Moon & Me airs on CBeebies and has been launched with 10 episodes; Peoi Nana's Letter, Pepi Nana Crosses the Bridge, The Big Tea, Who Rides What?, Everybody In The Tub!, Humpty Onion, Big Walk Little Walk, The Silly Song, Let's Have A Race and Hoppity Hop, Across the Bridge!.

Follow the stories each night as the characters are tucked away in their toy house, only to begin embarking on their adventures after dark.

Andrew Davenport's typical style is felt throughout with key similarities to In The Night Garden from the format of the show through to the soundtrack (not to mention an appearance from Michael Buble in episode 8!)

Toys for the series have been commissioned with 40 licensees being granted to some of the worlds largest toy manufacturers so we expect to see the shelves full of Moon & Me toys before the end of 2019.

In the mean time, Moon & Me books have been announced from publishing company, Scholtastic.

We are sure that this is just the beginning for a fruitful and exciting future for the Moon and Me franchise and we Andrew Davenport and his team the very best for the years to come.

Discover Moon & Me Toys and Books today.

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